EuroPython 2018: Processing Geodata using Python and Open Source Modules

Martin Christen is a professor of Geoinformatics and Computer Graphics at the Institute of Geomatics at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW).

What is geo data? There are some standards, but the most important thing is that it has associations with gographical data (on earth for now). There are popular GIS, for example ArcGIS (ESRI) and QGIS, both of which can be used via Python. But today we'll talk about how to manipulate, analyze, and present geodata using Python.


Assorted Links: 2018-07

Assorted Links is now a staple in my blog ā€“ let's see what kinds of funny, weird, educational, cool stuff I came across last month. (Well, ok, to be honest: During the current month in my backlog.)

The current month's experiment: I'll put the number of requests my ublock plugin blocked on the page linked behind every url.


Books: 2018-06

After the (announced) break in May, I was in heaven being back to books and reading in June. I missed this. Of course, not having read for a month and yet getting recommendations for books took a toll on the length of my reading list.


Assorted Links: 2018-06

Well, well. This is only the fourth installmant of Assorted Links (funny, weird, fascinating, educational, cool stuff I came across while surfing the web), and already my backlog is huge! So, I've decided to include two to three bonus links in every post: A video, a German post, and a code repository somewhere.