Hi, I'm Tobias.

I'm the author of pretalx, a speaker at various conferences, and a member of the Django Software Foundation. In my free time I organise events like Chaos Communication Congress, DjangoCon Europe, or MRMCD, and work on Open Source software.

While this is the hub of my websites, and you can scroll down to see a list of my highlighted blog posts, there are a few other sites that might interest you:

  • dev.rixx.de if you want to hire me or want to know what I do for a living.
  • books.rixx.de is my book blog.
  • ramble.rixx.de for rough drafts, experiments and weeknotes.
  • For links to profiles on external sites, head over to Contact.

This page lists featured posts, but you can also go and look at all posts, the tags or the archives.