DjangoCon Europe 2019: How PyLadies Brazil became the biggest PyLadies chapter of the world

Writeup of the DjangoCon Europe 2019 talk »How PyLadies Brazil became the biggest PyLadies chapter of the world« by Thais Viana

Thais Viana: dev and partner in the hub9 software studio, pylady of Rio, master in Artificial Intelligence by UFRJ and enthusiast of communities and technology.

PyLadies is an international group focused on helping women become more active participants. PyLadies has more than 100 chapters, the exact number is not known. Brazil has 30 sub chapters and is the biggest PyLadies chapter all in all. Brazil itself is huge, of course, so that plays a part in it, too.

The first PyCon Brazil was only two years after the first PyCon US, which also lead to apyb, the Python Brazil association. apyb aims to help developers with accounting and many real-life issues, and also promotes diversity on many different layers, like sexuality, nationality, class, neurodiversity, physical ability, etc. It also introduces a Code of Conducts and helps organize events.

The first PyLadies workshop in Brazil was held in 2013 in Natal, and the first DjangoGirls workshop in 2015. DjangoGirls is a tutorial and workshop organization concepts that takes place all over the world, introducing people to Django in a day or two.

Last year, Brazil hosted the first PyLadies conference. And Paola from Brazil became PSF board member.

Men who want to help: Buy the shirts to support PyLadies financially, to help them provide workshops. Or come and give a talk at PyLadies events, and help us to build this community to be durable for many years to come.