For non-critical information, E-Mail works best. Reach me at r at rixx · de. If you need to use PGP, my key is 0xe1f56ce6693f9c45. I typically answer within a day or two at most.


My preferred messenger protocol is Jabber, where I can be reached at I use IRC as rixx on freenode libera, hackint and some other networks. If I'm online, chances are I'm reading IRC or Jabber. I'm also rixx#9655 on Discord.

If it is really urgent, you can reach me on Threema as MXXPW35P. If it's even more urgent, you already have my phone number, and can ping me directly or via Signal.

External sites

Incomplete list of accounts on other sites:

Real world

I have to list my real world contact information here, so there you go:

Tobias Kunze
Mühlenbecker Weg 1
16515 Oranienburg


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