I'm happy to get in touch with you, and you can reach me in a variety of ways:


For non-critical information, E-Mail works best. Reach me at rixx at cutebit · de, and consider using my GPG key: 0xe1f56ce6693f9c45. I typically answer within a day or two at most, if I'm not on vacation.


My preferred messenger protocol is Jabber, where I can be reached at rixx@jabber.shackspace.de. I use IRC as rixx on freenode, hackint and some other networks. If I'm online, chances are I'm reading IRC or Jabber.

If it is really urgent, you can reach me on Threema as MXXPW35P. If it's even more urgent, you already have my phone number.

Social Media

I don't use social media much. I have a Mastodon account on my own instance, and there is a less-maintained Twitter account.

Real Life

On normal weeks I can be found at shackspace, but you'd be well-advised to make sure first. ;)