Assorted Links: 2018-09

This month is a bit mappy.

  1. The best way to store your dotfiles: A bare Git repository (ublock 3)
  2. Euclidea (ublock 1)
  3. The Top 100 Things I'd Do If I Ever Became An Evil Overlord (ublock 0)
  4. On the Duty of Civil Disobedience (ublock 0)
  5. Why use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps? (ublock 1)
  6. If you liked the map visuals above: OpenWhateverMap and leaflet extras, try the watercolor map! (both ublock 0)
  7. You are your metadata: Identification and Obfuscation of Social Media Users using Metadata Information (ublock 0)
  8. Boys and men disappearing from psychology (ublock 24, wtf?)
  9. Performing meaningless rituals boosts our self-control through making us feel more self-disciplined (ublock 6)
  10. Figures in the Sky (ublock 1)

Bonus German link: Nichts zu verbergen, aber etwas zu verlieren (ublock 0)

Bonus German Open Source Link: Donate your voice! (ublock 0)

Bonus code repository: Pure Bash Bible (ublock 2)

Bonus video link: Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? (ublock 13)

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