Assorted Links: 2019-01

My link backlog is now huge enough that I'll publish these posts more often. Occasionally, for example this time, they'll have a German counterpart, with ten German links, so check it out if you understand German!

  1. Rare historical photos, with long explanations. A worthy addition to your feed reader.
  2. The complete Apollo 11 landing, including transcripts and audio files. Very Pale Blue Dot. (more)
  3. Many Ways to Be a Girl, but One Way to Be a Boy
  4. Times Newer Roman, the best kind of hack.
  5. A Brief History of Buildings That Melt Things
  6. Calvin and Muad'dib makes Dune about five times better.
  7. Vintage Books, New Titles
  8. From VNC to reverse shell
  9. Why 2,000 Year-Old Roman Concrete Is So Much Better Than The One We Make Today
  10. The world is on fire but the new Google Pixel 3 is a good phone

Bonus code repository: Using the Google Speech to Text API to defeat ReCaptcha

Bonus video link: Arms Sales: USA vs Russia

I'm publishing these posts monthly – if you have cool links you want me to include, drop me an email or ping me on the fediverse (or on Twitter).