These are projects in which I'm either the or one of the main developers or maintainers.


These are projects on which I have spent considerable time or effort:

My minor projects

I - as most people - have some small or unfinished projects hanging around:

  • pkgbuilds: I maintain a small number of packages on the Arch User Repository.
  • permits you to use Python without the letter 'e'
  • garmin-connect extracts data from the Garmin API because I'm not paying to retrieve my data
  • pelican2lektor extracts blog data from pelican and converts to a lektor friendly format - you can see the result right here
  • tempus - the obligatory time tracking app
  • bepasty-client - a Python 3.6+ client for the bepasty pastebin
  • py3status-modules - my own modules for py3status
  • rohrpost - Simple WebSocket message protocol for django-channels
  • bumf - Budgeting software. an open source alternative to YNAB. Never grew beyond WIP.

Minor contributions

These are projects that I have contributed non-significant amounts of time or code or effort to. This list is rather incomplete.