DjangoCon Europe 2017 - The road to unempathic communities is paved with good intentions

Speaker: Erik Romijn (a Django team member, chair of the Dutch Django Association and co-organiser of various conferences) - also called "a neo-liberal emotional djihaidst"

Imagine somebody falls for a scam - there is laughter, there is mocking. Because we are not empathic with the people caught in the scam - inexperienced people, sick people, ā€¦ this is heartless. The tech community is very focussed on itself and neglects to be empathic to people different from us, whom we provide products and tools to.


Django under the Hood: Intro

Core devs

  • Jacob: Works for US government, improves tech, loves to talk about that.
  • Adrien: Lives here, talks about offline stuff, ServiceWorkers, music, being an expat and having a kid.
  • FunkyBob: Talks about everything.
  • Tobias: messages framework, training new people on Django
  • Danielle: Django-CMS, can help anyone start from the beginning
  • James: Security, future of Django, trying to make government IT better.
  • Andrew: Networking, channels.
  • Tim: is Tim.
  • Carl: Testing, clean architecture, code quality in large teams.
  • Josh: ORM and Expressions
  • Florian: really really weird bugs
  • Russ: Getting Python running on other platforms, and Australian animals
  • Ola: diversity, Django girls, ORM, Elixir
  • Charettes: Zapier, migrations
  • Aymeric: strong opinions
  • Idan: designer/developer, Heroku, data visualization
  • Loic: forms, ORM
  • Markus: migrations, security
  • Karen: Helping people learn things, cats
  • Tomik: Community, inclusivity
  • Frank: DSF, fundraising, performance, scalability
  • Michael: Windows, backend stuff
  • Tom: restframework
  • Marc: Postgres, ORM