DjangoCon Europe 2017 - Radio Free Django - Building a radio station on Django

Speaker: Mark Steadman


  • Django powered website ('cause it's great, and has great media management, and is hostable on Heroku)
  • Automated schedule (which is more complex than it sounds)
  • Pages per show and presenter
  • Provides a listen-again archive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Constantly changing homepage


  • Models for Programme and Presenter
  • Handle scheduling via weekday time fields (e.g. 14 fields in the model)
  • Handle recurrence and next-air date separately
  • Include hiatuses as well
  • Provide programmes running now and next
  • To be released on GitHub


  • Uses MixCloud (also in Django) for listen-again service
  • Hack around not-quite-the-same titles by providing fuzzy search


  • One PC to record dozens of live shows per week
  • Overlapping shows? Yeah …
  • Send to Dropbox, trim, insert artwork, upload to MixCloud
  • To be enhanced

Lessons Learned

  • Be prepared to deal with egos
  • People want both ease-of-use and ultimate control
  • Everybody wants a say
  • Scheduling is not easy