DjangoCon Europe 2017 - The Struggle of Tech: Feeling Better as a Learner

Speaker: Gloria Dwomoh

Learning things in tech is often frustrating, and didactics are not great. This goes doubly for theoretical subjects, e.g. "Algorithms and Data Structures". But the second aspect of making subjects like this hard is the aura of fear and difficulty that is woven around it.

How to break out of fear of a subject

  • A healthy mind
  • Set healthy goals
    • Accept that learning a language takes time
    • Accept that you will feel like you don't understand anything
  • Understand why you are afraid
    • Direct associations (via hebbian learning, e.g. of pain and learning)
    • These associations need to be reframed (aka exposure therapy: dealing with fears in a safe environment)
  • Practice beneficial thoughts
    • Do not be afraid of going against the grain
    • Remember that rumination and worry don't work
    • Avoid or limit access to harmful or negative people
    • Eliminate distractions
    • Focus on what you have control over
    • View failure positively and internalize your success
    • Become accepting of uncertainty
    • Do not forget to appreciate your support network
  • Practice: learn things that are hard for yourself!