DjangoCon Europe 2016 - The Frontend Revolution

I went to DjangoCon Europe this year and I wrote down summaries of the talks I heard every day.

Speaker: Claudina Sarahe (twitter), front-end lead at Casper, co-founder of SassConf and GothamSass, board member of the Sass Language Foundation.

Claudina explored the history and development of frontend systems in the last years and explained its importance as a revolutionary concept.

A revolution is something that replaces existing structures with something else and changes everything around it to fit the new structure.

Introducing new behaviour is not easy and requires three components to be present:

  • Motivation: Unless people are motivated, they won't change their behaviour
  • Ability: People need to be able to make changes, in personal competence, and resources available (time, money, concentration …)
  • Trigger: A new behaviour needs to be triggered at a time when Motivation and Ability are sufficient, and people can notice the trigger and assiciate it with the corresponding behavior

Great projects are successful because they make usage easy by providing great documentation and because they make contribution easy, either code contributions or package contributions. Examples here are jQuery, Django and nodeJS.

It's our task to see how software can change society and use that vision. Publish small projects, work on that vision.