DjangoCon Europe 2016 - Learning Django, Learning French

Speaker: Nicole Harris (twitter) works for PeopleDoc (France), is located in London and originally from Australia.

Celebrate Late Adopters

Adults can be better at language learning than children because they can use context to grasp concepts better/faster than children.

Nobody is born to code, as for example many Django Girls Stories show us.

Break Down Motivation Barriers

Motivation and learning curves are different for different projects. Find your motivation barriers and get past them, look for what motivates you.

Provide Mentorship

When learning languages, talking to people will help because they can answer questions, correct mistakes and suggest improvements.

When learning Django, people could help by answering difficult questions, providing code review, developing learning plans, providing commented code samples.

Boost Confidence

Show people your work and pretend that you know what you are doing. Showing others your code will accelerate your progress. Implement first, understand later.

Celebrate Failure

Without failure, we won't learn. See also: How to Make Mistakes in Python.

Inspire Participation

Make contributing easy and cool and fun, as for example PyBee does.