Last updated: 2019-07-12

Since I'm soon going to travel to Australia (three weeks left, wheeee), I'm currently trying to prepare both for Australia, and for CCCamp (I have less than four days between the two), and for everything that needs to be done by the end of August, basically.

Last week, I published the finances, which was a weird feeling. I'm already usually more open about my finances than most people I deal with, but I had a strong resistance towards putting “business” finances out there. All my actual reasons against this step were either not very valid or not in line with my personal ethics, though, so I decided to ignore my gut feeling.

I'm currently working for digital.wolff. I live close to Stuttgart, and I'm often in Berlin (since that's where they are located). I enjoy the clear communications, deep discussions, and familial atmosphere there tremendously.


I'm focused on working with Python and Django, and most of my free time is spent on pretalx. I fixed a couple of bugs these days,

Recently I polished some of my open Django PRs, particularly a monstrous documentation PR. I started stressing out that I might not have enough PRs against Django to plausibly give my talk about Django contributions for beginners, and worked this feeling with facts.


After more than three weeks of reading, I finally finished Dhalgren. This book was not for me, very much so, and I probably should have stopped reading at some point – but since I like other books by the author, and I was hoping for a big payoff, … I think now I know how other people felt at the end of King's Dark Tower.

It's been so long since starting a new book that I don't even know what I want to read next. I'm in the mood for something fantastical and light, and both the tempting current humble bundle, and this tempting twitter thread and my reading list don't really hit the spot.


I've been slacking here: two runs in the last seven days, and no meditation at all. I'm behind with my monthly running goal by a lot, so I might have to resign myself to the fate of not making it.

On the positive side, I've been walking around a lot (as my step count attests), and it's been great for my mood. Extended two-hour walks have been a daily thing lately. I also finally got my bike up and ru…, erm, going, and used it to get to the gym and do groceries, and even went for longer ride.


PyCon Australia (where I'm giving a talk, which is equally cool and terrifying) is coming up, so I'm preparing for that. My talk has been outlined, and I can speak for at least half an hour on the topic, so next up I'll build slides and do free-form practice to figure out if I have to change the structure. I also have a bit of remaining research to be done.

I'll go to CCCamp about four days after returning from Australia, and I'll stay for two weeks, so that'll be fun. I have a list of things to be packed (and some of them: bought), and I'm busy coordinating transport of all sorts of things. Also, some organization still to be done.

Next up after that will be PyCon UK, but I'm currently busy telling myself that I still have all the time in the world to prepare my talk.


June was pretty good, July is looking more mixed. Last week had two really, really bad days, but I have all reason to believe that I'm feeling better now. Currently catching up on all the social interaction that I missed out on or pushed back.

What is this?

This is a now page that tries to summarize what I'm focused on currently. It might be what I would tell you when you get to know me in a friendly setting, or if we know each other but haven't talked in a while. I'm updating this page regularly, so check back!