If you liked my blog posts or my other work, and want to throw money at it (thank you!), this page is here to help you. First off: I'm a professional software developer, and I work as a freelancer and consultant. If that sounds interesting, get in touch or head over to for more information on what I do.

I'm aiming to be able to live off my open-source work: That's primarily pretalx, via hosted services, sponsored development, support contracts, and – yes – donations. However, because donations do not currently make or break this goal, I feel obliged to point out that you would also make me very happy by donating to some of the good causes I feel strongly about. In particular, please consider a donation to the (German) GFF or the EFF. I support both of these organisations, and more supporters would make me very happy.

That said, if you want to support me living off open source, you have a couple of options:

  • For recurring donations, I have a Patreon account and a Liberapay account.
  • For one-off donations, PayPal is probably the best way to go, but I also have a ko-fi page.
  • If you want to support pretalx specifically, please get in touch!

Thank you!

Thank you to everybody supporting me. Special thanks go to the people supporting me with recurring donations on Patreon or Liberapay, because it provides a measure of reliability and lets me plan with this income. Those include:

  • Benjamin Balder Bach
  • Caroline Schmitt
  • Marjorie Roswell
  • Sebastian 'blinry' Morr
  • Thies Müller