DjangoCon Europe 2017 - Rants and Ruminations From A Job Applicant After 💯 CS Job Interviews in Silicon Valley

Speaker: Susan Tan

This is a success story - Susan is now employed!

Susan worked beforehand at other tech companies (Rotten Tomatoes, Piston/Cisco), and came with high and specific expectations:

  • No large companies
  • No homogeneous culture
  • No arrogant young techbros
  • No stupid apps
  • No to being a co-founder or first engineer
  • No to office more than 53km away

Horrible things about the job interview process

  1. The silent treatment: Receiving no feedback or an impersonal reply at the very most.
  2. You hired your friend: Don't waste other people's time if you're just going to hire your friends.
  3. Ask useless questions, like what a person wants to achieve in their lifetime.
  4. Ask to do impossible tasks.
  5. Offer a reasonable deal, then refuse to negotiate.
  6. Pose home code challenges as an excuse for unpaid labor (bonus points if it does not even apply to the position)

This sucks

  • Job interviewing can be close to a full time job.
  • Repetition is annoying (communicating requirements etc)
  • Job searching is terrible (dealing with recruiters etc)
  • You need to filter out bad companies as soon as possible.