DjangoCon Europe 2017 - Lightning talks pt 2

You want to maintain an open-source project (@agaevsky)?

It's not easy. It gets easier by getting more maintainers involved, or try to get funding, or transfer the project.

Rain Forecast (@ewjoachim)

Django has lots of code, leading to less code in your project, until you start to copy code around and stop being DRY. And miss security patches. Oh. Use raincoat. Annotate code with the package, version, module and method you stole it from. It can then show you what changed since that release! Woo!

Human - communication: @idanmelamed

We inherit code.

Say please. Say thank you. Use "I" sentences.

Beeware: @freakboy3742

Come and sprint on BeeWare to make Python available on all the platforms! Also, bees are nice animals.

Powerpoint templating with Django: @xBBTx

Export data to PowerPoint. BECAUSE WE CAN^WMUST. django-bureaucracy: pluggable engines, known template language in Django (alternatively jinja2), custom tags/filters, rendering picture placeholders, pre-style tables and fill them in and much more.