DjangoCon Europe 2016 - Going with the Flow with Django Admin

Speaker: Maria Lowas-Rzechonek (twitter) Django developer and involved with Django Girls.


Model workflows in Django Admin.

  • Add custom workflow-related fields
  • Add custom URLs
  • Override default templates
  • add a column to the ListView with a calculated column


  • use fieldsets to separate content from workflow data
  • write methods for each transition in the state model
  • add get_urls(return my_urls + super_urls)
  • change templates/damin/bla/keks/change_form.html to make workflow actions appear in the toolbar
  • add calculated column to list
    • write method calculating the value
    • method.boolean = True for icons
    • method.admin_order_field = 'method' for ordering
    • use an annotated queryset:

      class Greater(CombinedExpression): def init__self, lhs, rhs): super(Greater, self).__init(lhs, '>', rhs, output_field=BooleanField)

      in manager: use Greater in get_queryset - add some css

For further information, watch Pushing the Pony's Boundaries from last year's DjangoCon Europe.