DjangoCon Europe 2016 - Day 2 Lightning Talks

5 truths and 2 lies about Stroopwafles - Erik

  • every 8 seconds, a dutch person eats a Stroopwafle
  • dutch people routinely have only Stroopwafles for breakfast
  • there was once a 50kg Stroopwafle
  • there is a Stroopwafle product looking like a joint
  • originally, Stroopwafles were eaten by the poor and were made from leftovers
  • at last year's Django Under The Hood, we handed out 6k Stroopwafles and made an attendee miss the party due to being sick of Stroopwafles
  • Stroopwafles taste better if you share them with your friends

Nicolas: low-level love with nan2tetris

Go from NANDs to a computer capable of running tetris in 2x6 weeks with this coursera course.

Tom: What's new in Django REST Framework v4

  • Client Libraries (dynamic and either schema-driven or hypermedia driven), in Python and JS.
  • A command line client.
  • Schema generation and hypermedia responses.
  • Docs and support for channels
  • Client libs with websocket support
  • Sponsorship via monthly subscriptions towards collaborately funded development
  • in the future: move beyond Django

Lucy: Django Girls Summit

At this year's DjangocCon, there will be a Django Girls Summit for past Organizers, Coaches and Attendees. Pleas fund this! You can chip in via Patreon, one-time paypal donations, the HumbleStore, buy T-Shirts …

Michael: Insanity

Doing stuff over and over again, expecting different results. Such as … HTML5 and X11. Or Websockets and TCP. Or Grunt and Make. Or Sass and M4. Or npm and every other package manager ever.

Joachim: Time

Time intervals are broken, as everybody knows (exceptions to everything, down to seconds in a minute). Time zones are broken, too, by weird offsets, even weirder corrections. Nobody does time right. Even python has calendar, time and datetime, and you have to get tzdata and pytz (big applaus to those guys) in addition, because political decisions such as timezones will not be moved to the standard library.

Use UTC and be aware of your timezone, not just your UTC offset! Also, check out arrow and delorean.