Assorted Links: 2018-08

My link backlog has grown by so much that I'm considering doing this stuff twice per month or once per week. Opinions? Tell me on or via email.

  1. Scalability! But at what COST? (ublock 0)
  2. My four months as a private prison guard (ublock 24)
  3. Laziness does not exist (ublock 1)
  4. A Muslim astronaut's dilemma: How to face Mecca from space (ublock 19)
  5. Robotic, But Lovable (ublock 25)
  6. The Tao of tmux (ublock 3)
  7. The crooked timber of humanity (ublock 15)
  8. A Case Study in Not Being A Jerk in Open Source (ublock 1)
  9. The 99 best things that happened in 2017 (ublock 4)
  10. Back to the Future of Handwriting Recognition (ublock 1)

Bonus German link: (ublock 0)

Bonus code repository: howdoi (ublock 3)

Bonus video link: Chairplane, erm, no, the other aviation based one: You have control (ublock 11)

I'm publishing these posts monthly – if you have cool links you want me to include, drop me an email or ping me on!