Assorted Links: 2018-07

Assorted Links is now a staple in my blog – let's see what kinds of funny, weird, educational, cool stuff I came across last month. (Well, ok, to be honest: During the current month in my backlog.)

The current month's experiment: I'll put the number of requests my ublock plugin blocked on the page linked behind every url.

  1. Helping my students overcome command-line bullshittery (ublock 1)
  2. Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves (ublock 0)
  3. Look, all I'm saiying is let's at least give Nyarlathotep a chance, and the follow-up Sorry, But I Don’t See How Nyarlathotep’s Death Cult Is Negatively Affecting American Discourse (ublock 3)
  4. Urbigenous Library (includes Asimov's Last Question!) (ublock 0)
  5. Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster (ublock 1)
  6. Tearing apart printf() (ublock 0)
  7. Postgres vs MySQL (ublock 0)
  8. Roads to Rome (ublock 0)
  9. git diff and blame for binary blobs (ublock 0)
  10. Denial (ublock 0)

Bonus German link: Wahlomat Nationalversammlung 1919 (ublock 0)

Bonus code repository: gcr, generic coloriser (ublock 3)

Bonus video link: Bret Victor: Inventing on principle (ublock 7)

I'm publishing these posts monthly – if you have cool links you want me to include, drop me an email or ping me on!