Assorted Links: 2018-04

Welcome to the second installment of Assorted Links – funny, weird, fascinating, educational, or plain cool links I found in the internet in the last month. It's only the second one and already I have a local backlog! But I'm sure once I get to the later ones, half of them won't be relevant any more.

  2. The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: The machines are evolving past their jails. The fun really starts on p5.
  3. Bathroom based intelligence in the Cold War in Eastern Germany
  4. Deep, cool, and fairly short game on trust
  5. Compare country sizes on the map because map projections.
  6. The Five Geek Social Fallacies – even if you're not a geek, you might help a friend by sending them this.
  7. The Website Obesity Crisis: Theorises that (text-focused) websites should not exceed the size of major Russian works of literature
  8. Elderly people in Japan have a hard life, both in prison and in normal living situations
  9. Bonnie Parker wrote a poem shortly before she was caught
  10. How to run a working group: Lots of practical and actionable advice

I'll publish these posts monthly for now – if you have cool links you want me to include, drop me an email or ping me on!