Assorted Links: 2018-07

Assorted Links is now a staple in my blog ā€“ let's see what kinds of funny, weird, educational, cool stuff I came across last month. (Well, ok, to be honest: During the current month in my backlog.)

The current month's experiment: I'll put the number of requests my ublock plugin blocked on the page linked behind every url.


Books: 2018-06

After the (announced) break in May, I was in heaven being back to books and reading in June. I missed this. Of course, not having read for a month and yet getting recommendations for books took a toll on the length of my reading list.


Assorted Links: 2018-06

Well, well. This is only the fourth installmant of Assorted Links (funny, weird, fascinating, educational, cool stuff I came across while surfing the web), and already my backlog is huge! So, I've decided to include two to three bonus links in every post: A video, a German post, and a code repository somewhere.


Badge Manufacturing Howto

This year, I had the pleasure of running DjangoCon Europe in Heidelberg, as part of a wonderful team. As a part of our effort to make DjangoCon Europe feel special, and to make our attendees feel welcomed, I decided to manufacture the badges for nearly 400 attendees myself. This is my story in eight simple steps. (Sing to me of the man, Muse ā€¦)

What I thought the process would look like


Assorted Links: 2018-05

Welcome to the third installment of Assorted Links ā€“ funny, weird, fascinating, educational, or plain cool links I found in the internet in the last month. It's a bit late, due to me running a conference this month, but here we go!


Books: 2018-04

April was good, reading-wise, and I have read several books that rated a solid WOW. Let's start with the less than good news, though:

I'm currently busy (<- this is what an understatement looks like) organising a conference that takes place during the last week of May. This would usually mean that I'd get maybe two or three books done this month. Sadly I started "Thinking, Fast and Slow" by Daniel Kahnemann on May 1st and now, a week later, I'm about 25% in. So let's just confidently call off the May book blog post, and you'll get a nice long blog post for the books I'll read in June. Deal?


Assorted Links: 2018-04

Welcome to the second installment of Assorted Links ā€“ funny, weird, fascinating, educational, or plain cool links I found in the internet in the last month. It's only the second one and already I have a local backlog! But I'm sure once I get to the later ones, half of them won't be relevant any more.


Books: 2018-03

Winter still had a firm hold on Germany for most of March, so curling up with a book on the sofa after work still seemed like the way to go. As DjangoCon Europe draws closer (I'm one of the organisers), reading time was harder to come by, especially when some of my open source projects started to complain that they wanted some attention, too. But I had some good and some really amazing books in the mix this month, so here we go: