Day 3 of PyCon AU 2019

Couldn't attend PyCon Australia? Or maybe you were there and want to refresh your memory? Here is what happened on the third and last day of PyCon AU!

The real costs of Open Source Sustainability

The one and only VM Brasseur gave an absolutely inspiring keynote on open source sustainability. Our culture suffers from a very clear sustainability problem, where lots of tools whole businesses and business empries are built on rely on unpaid enthusiasts maintaining said tools, for free, for decades. VM Brasseur highlighted how interconnected this problem is across smaller and larger (or: global)

Changing what’s normal: how to transfer concepts between groups

Dr Maia Sauren shares how calibrating to a new normal in a group is hard – but on the other hand you can use the fact that brains are stupid and easily manipulated to get this change. The group can't function when single members reject a required base understanding, such as "immunise your kids" or “please show up to standups”.

Assuming that one is doing things right is a survival mechanism. If you remind people of a concept that they dislike, they will feel bad – but if you want people to change, you can't make them feel bad. Because change happens with feelings. And change is already uncomfortable, particularly if you didn't choose it. But if you have to become part of the group, in any way, you can change the group normal. But as long as you're not enough a member of the group to question its norms, you stand no chance. Do this by way of open conversations/questions, positive associations with yourself, and finding better motivators. Choose not to fight the hardest of these battles. People only do things that make sense to them. Good relationships beat being right. Change takes long. For anything you say: it should be at least two out of true+kind+useful. Being rational does not preclude being emotional, and vice versa.

Money quote: “Because we changed so much since going to school, many of our relationships dating back to school are legacy relationships.” Money quote: “I'm literally a doctor of mobile phones don't give you cancer.”